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We’re a leading solution provider company. Throughout our history, we have always provided our customers with top quality products at the best value. While the pace of technological development is unprecedented, the keys to our success over the years haven’t changed. We constantly improve our business practices, stock the latest products, and grow our knowledgeable and passionate team of professionals.

Easytel promises peace of mind, unbeatable pricing, perfect solution, an easy transition, and ensures clients feel confident and secure. Easytel works with each client to tailor a solution that successfully achieves its business objectives. We can handle projects on a complete turnkey basis, provide managed services for specific functional areas, or assume departmental responsibilities through outsourcing. If you are in need of planning, design, deployment, or on-going optimization and management of wireless, tracking or surveillance services, please consider Easytel Solutions.


Keep track of your vehicles, employees, family and friends with worry-free wireless roaming and tracking services. We create cost effective solutions for all of our clients including enterprise, medium or small business use.

Terms of Service: Available & Intended for persons located within the US Only

Our ELD solution is helping hundreds of clients

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